Cookie Policy


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer at the request of the Online Store site.


Cookies allow us to improve the user experience on our Web pages. For example, we can remember your geolocation for your next visit.

The information collected by cookies allows us to:

  • To adapt our web pages to your personal needs.
  • To remember the notifications you have viewed, so that they are not displayed again.
  • Improve and update our web pages based on your browsing and requests.


Here are the categories of cookies we use:

Category 1: Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to browse our websites and take advantage of their features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. If you disable these cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features of our websites.

To take full advantage of all features, the following cookies are required:

Session cookies: These are used to make it easier for you to navigate the Internet. A session cookie expires when you close your browser.

Geolocation cookies: These are used to allow us to display personalized results based on your geographic location and expire when you exit your browser, geolocation data is not retained after these cookies expire.

Category 2: Performance cookies

These cookies are used to gather information about how you use our websites and are intended to improve their performance. For example, they collect information about which pages you visit the most and what error messages you may encounter. The information collected by these cookies is completely anonymous. They do not collect any information that could identify you personally.

The performance cookies we use are:

Cookies managed by Google Analytics that allow us to better understand the performance of our websites. :

Category 3: Advertising/Targeted Cookies

We and our service providers may use advertising cookies to show you ads that we believe are relevant to you and your interests.

Google Tag Manager is used to manage the various tags.

Google AdWords remarketing collects data about your activities when you visit our website, the websites of entities for which we provide ads (our "advertisers"), or the websites and online services in which we display ads (the "publishers"). This information may include the content you view, the date and time you view that content, the products you purchase, or information about your location associated with your IP address. We use the information we collect to deliver more relevant advertisements to you (known as "retargeting"). We collect information about where you saw the advertisements and which advertisements you clicked on. These cookies are intended to expire and do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Adworks remarketing will display relevant ads that are tailored to you, based on the data collected by the cookie that identifies the elements of t Online store web pages you visited.

The cookie is used to identify repeat visitors to a page and allows Google to show them ads related to that page. Google AdWords remarketing allows us to customize our marketing to better meet your needs and show you relevant ads.

If you do not wish to participate in our Google AdWords remarketing, you can opt out in the Google Ads Preferences Manager.


The retention period of your choice, whether consent or refusal is recorded so that you are not solicited again for a certain period of time. This period is 6 months.

Following your acceptance, the lifetime of the accepted trackers is 13 months in order to allow a relevant comparison of the audiences over time.

The information collected through these cookies will be retained for a maximum of 25 months.


For optimal use of our websites, we recommend that you accept cookies.

You can choose to accept or decline cookies (except for essential cookies) by clicking on the «​​​​cookie settings» button.


Only cookies that fall into the above categories are used on our websites. Please contact us by e-mail at if you discover cookies that are not listed above.